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Nangalwala Auto Mfg. Pvt. Ltd.

Product Range

We are manufacturing varied types of products in Cables, Auto Kit and accessories. All the raw material used to make in cables i.e. PVC / Rubber compound, Copper wire, tinning are manufactured in-house. We a Customization can be possible for almost very product in case of bulk requirement.

Wiring Harness
  • Full Vehicles Harness
  • Full Instrumentations Harness
  • Plug Wire Set / Ignition Kit for petrol Vehicles
  • Multi Way Coupler, Bulb Holder and Socket Assemblies
  • Battery Lead (Lug & Terminal, Both Side Terminal, Both Side Lug)
  • Auto Cable (.5 Sq mm to 10 sq mm in DIN, JIS, ISI etc. spec.)
  • Battery Cable (10 sq mm to 150 sq mm)
  • Welding Cable (16 sq mm to 150 sq mm in TRS / HOFR / TPR)
  • Power Cable (10 sq mm to 300 sq mm, Multi Core, Braided and Armored)
  • TPR Grade Cable (.5 sq mm to 150 sq mm)
  • XLPE based Cable (.5 sq mm to 150 sq mm)
  • Ignition Cable
  • Rubber / Elastomer Cable (.5 sq mm to 300 sq mm in customized design)
  • Silicon Cable
  • Trailing Cable
  • Submersible Cable
  • Mining Cable
  • Telephone Cable
Wire (With Without Bunching)
  • Bare Copper Wire
  • Tinned Copper Wire
  • Aluminum Wire
PVC, TPE Compound
  • General Purpose Compound for Extrusion & Molding Grade
  • TPR compound for Extrusion and Molding Grade
  • HR (70 Degree, 90 Degree, 105 Degree)
  • FR / FRLS / FRHR
  • Special Lead Free Compounds
  • Other Customized Compounds (For Bulk Requirement Only)
Battery Related Accessories
  • Battery Cable (10 sq mm to 150 sq mm)
  • Battery Lugs ( Copper / Brass / Aluminium, Crimp and Solder Type)
  • Battery Terminals (Brass / Lead / Zinc, with / without Plating of Copper / Nickel, Crimp and Solder Type) with Zinc Plated Nut & Bolt
  • Battery Brackets ( Small, Medium and Big with Bolts) with Powder Coating
  • Battery Booster Kit (100 Amp to 700 Amp with various type of clips)
Auto Accessories
  • Auto Bulbs (Head Light, Tail Light, Miniature, Halogen in various spec.)
  • Auto Light (Head Light, Tail Light, Roof Lamp, Indicator Light, General Purpose Light, Halogen Lamps)
  • Auto Switch (Push Pull, Ignition, Multi Step, Starter etc.)
  • Fuse Box (Single / Multi Way Fuse Box with different design)
  • Fuses (Strip Type, Glass Type etc.)
  • Connectors (Various type in Brass / Copper, with and without plating)
  • Coupler / Holder / Sockets (Various type in Nylone-66, Nylone-6, PPCP)
  • Plain PVC Sleeve ( 3 mm to 30 mm)
  • Spiral / Flexible Sleeve
  • Rubber / TPR Hose Pipe
Special Items
  • Battery Booster Kit (100 Amp to 700 Amp with various type of clips)
  • Battery Booster Clip / Crocodile Clip (Light & Heavy duty, Powder Coated)
  • Snap-on-Terminal
  • Head Light Tune-Up

  • Bulb Holder Assembly with Cover
  • TPR cable
IT Services
  • Business Software (Inventory, Work flow, Manufacturing, HR etc.)
  • Health Care Software
  • Pocket PC Applications
  • Mobile Based Applications
  • Web Site Design ( Static & Dynamic)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
We also provide consultancy for designing wiring assemblies for vehicles and electrical instruments.